The Yogic Self Exploration

Yoga is the perfect place and opportunity to explore who you are, what you're capable of, and what's important and true to you. When I am on my mat, I feel deeply into the sensations in my body, I witness and observe my mind and thoughts more objectively, and I am present, grateful, and calm. AND when I continuously have those experiences on the mat, it becomes more natural to feel that same way in my everyday life, in how I move through the world, and in how I treat myself and have relationships with others. It slows down my reactivity, it makes me more accepting, I act with more kindness and love, and it helps me see the magic and divine energy in all of us and all around us. ✨ Yoga teac

Dealing In Flux

I've been feeling in flux a lot lately...lots of ups and downs. The feeling of opposites or opposing forces - paradoxes of the same person, same life, and same reality with variations on perspective, attitude, and emotional charge. A high of a sweet moment and the low of a disappointment. The close and intimate connections I have in some ways while the longing for undiscovered soulmates swirls in my soul. The feelings of certain things going so smoothly and beautifully in flow while other situations have bumps or crater pot holes. The desire to work and stay persistent in growing my new business while an inner voice says I need to play and relax more. Ultimately this all comes back to balanc

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