Apple Celery Sauce

Looking for a new delicious fall snack? Who knew apples and celery are the perfect combo?! Its easy and makes hearty snacks for the entire week. Bring a few inches of water and apple slices to a boil. After apples cook down a bit, add chopped celery and reduce to simmer. Cook for another 20 - 45 minutes depending on how cooked you like your celery. Spoon into bowls and enjoy! 🍎 🍂 #apples #fruit #celery #fallsnack #snack #healthy #recipe

Best Life Hack to Stay Productive

The Best Life Hack to Stay Productive --- Take small breaks to move the body -- Stretch, breathe, feel. A stretch break boosts your mood, increases energy, improves your concentration, and promotes clarity and productivity! Take just 5 minutes for head circles, shoulder rolls, arms reach up, side bends, forward fold, chest opener, and wide leg supported squat. 🙆🏻 🏃🏾 💃🏼

Caffeine-free Morning Boost

Want a caffeine-free morning boost? Start your day with fresh-squeezed lemon water. Simply squeeze a slice or two into an 8-12 oz glass of water. You will feel the energy boost within minutes as well as get properly hydrated first thing in the morning. Kick a caffeine addiction and give the body what it truly wants. Additional benefits of lemon water are: - flushes toxins out of your system - alkalizes your body - boosts your metabolism - fights off inflammation Enjoy! 🍋 #lemons #lemonwater #caffeinefree #nocaffeine #alkalize

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