Gratitude Is A Practice

Gratitude is a practice, a way of life. The more we intentionally practice being grateful, content, and happy in the present moment, the more it will come naturally, and peacefulness will become our regular state. Commit to taking even just 1-5 minutes in the morning or before bed to feel gratitude - not just listing out what you are grateful for - but taking a moment to get quiet and feel gratitude swell in your heart. I guarantee you will be feeling more gratitude and happiness throughout the day s ooner than you think. 😉🙏✨⠀


Life goes by, people go about their day, and the weeks, months, and years past. The degree to which we can slow down, enjoy the present moment, and soak in the now is directly correlated to happiness, satisfaction, and peacefulness deep inside the heart. Notice how many times you smile today, how much you laugh, how many times you feel grateful, how much you can show love and kindness. Being present allows us to be in our highest vibration. 💜☮️🌟 #presence #life #presentmoment #smile #laugh #gratitude #kindness

Salt is a Magnificent Healer

HEALTH TIP: Salt and salt water is one of the most effective and most natural remedies in this world. You can bathe with it, go to a natural source (ocean, hot springs), gargle with it, and breathe it in from a salt lamp.⠀ Some of the many benefits include:⠀ ​- reduces inflammation⠀ - relaxation/reduce stress⠀ - packed with healthy minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium⠀ - absorbs the toxins in the body and on the skin, including acne-causing bacteria⠀ - treats infections and encourage the healing process- pain relief⠀ - softening the skin⠀ - promote better sleep ⠀ - weight loss⠀ - reduce asthma symptoms⠀ - improves blood sugar levels and regulate heart health⠀ - closes

Finding Awe

Seeing the world is amazing, but we are all not so fortunate to get to travel regularly. So how can we bring that sense of travel and adventure into our daily life? We can find awe and wonderful on our street by noticing something new, in the spectacular colors of the sunrise and sunset, in any daily activity by cultivating a beginners mind, by the magic in our relationships. How do you find adventure, joy, and contentment in your current daily routine?⠀


HEALTH TIP: Do you know how much water is ideal to drink to stay hydrated throughout the day? General, please drink between roughly 3/4 ounce of water for each pound you weigh. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, drink 115 ounces of water a day. Other SUGGESTIONS for healthy hydration: - if you engage in moderate to high physical activity, drink more! A 1:1 ounce to pound ratio is better - drink in between meals, but not during meal for good digestions. Generally stop drinking 15 minutes before and for 30 minutes after eating - drink a big glass of water upon waking to get your hydration levels up early - carry around a reusable water bottle so you can continue drinking throughout the day

Find Your Yin/Yang

BALANCE TIP: Usually we -need- what we resist most to -find- better balance in our lives. For example, if you tend to prefer structure and routine, make more time for open-ended creative play and free-form expression. And if you tend to resist structure and routine, pick a few daily habit that are already enjoyable to work in so they become habit. While doing the opposite of what we gravitate toward can cause mental discomfort temporary, finding ways to make it fun, light, and simply like an experiment in your own life lab is key. Resistance and discomfort are temporary and the rewards are long lasting! ☯️⚛️☯️

Your Preciousness

We all see the preciousness and purity of a new baby, but at some point we decide we aren't that precious anymore. Somewhere along the way, we begin to criticize ourselves and that's where the self-harm start. Our cells hear our thoughts and the body mirrors our attitude. Change your beliefs, thoughts, and compassion to yourself to heal, to be happy, to feel good. And come back to your purity, feeling your true nature.

Quick Workouts are Equally Effective

FITNESS TIP: You only need 15 minutes of power-walk or better yet, a HIIT (high intensity interval training) session to get the heart rate up, flush out the various systems of the body, reinvigorate your energy, boost your metabolism, and brighten your mood. So, the next time you think to skip your workout because you can't get to the gym or don't have an hour, pause and choose again. Make movement a part of your routine, a part of your daily life and it will come easily and effortlessly. 🤸🤾🚴🏋️


Have a little play date with you today. Even 10 minutes of doing something that makes you happy is food for your heart. 💛

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