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“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”  ~ Anaïs Nin 


Do you BELIEVE it's possible, but not quite sure HOW?


95% of our behaviors occur out of habit, either unconsciously or in reaction to external demands.  That’s why we struggle to make changes that last.  Even when the need for change is obvious and our intentions are strong, we often don't reach the changes we truly desire.



Why is that? 

Because we don’t have proper support or accountability.


That’s where I come in ~~~

To provide you with the right SYSTEM, SUPPORT and REPROGRAMMING of the UNCONSCIOUS MIND

so you can FINALLY make the personal transformation you have been seeking!


In my programs, I guide you to PROVING to yourself that...


There are unlimited possibilities available to you,

no matter what your particular situation or circumstances look like.

Life Coaching

» Get to know yourself better - what makes you tick, what fulfills you, what makes you happy
» Determine your life and/or career purpose and develop action steps to get there
» Cultivate emotional and physical health

» Assess what boosts your energy and what drains you and adjust accordingly

» Build healthy, strong, and gratifying relationships in all areas of life

» Establish financial security and related protocols

» Improve resiliency, interpersonal dynamics, healthy boundaries and your ability to handle any situation with ease and confidence

» Overcome fears, doubts, or insecurities that are holding you back and create empowering new beliefs

» Implement the perfect work, life, enjoyment balance

» Get to know your body type and physical constitution, understand what is best for you specifically

» Understand your mind and emotions and how to better regulate them
» Find the foods and lifestyle factors that boost your energy higher than you thought possible
» Reduce junk food cravings and develop healthy tastes

» Increase restful sleep and create mindful behavior before and after sleep

» Learn quick and easy methods to incorporate healthy choices into your daily life

» Develop an enjoyable relationship with movement or exercise
» Determine the best food system that healthfully sustains your body and mind

» Customize mental health practices that support clarity, presence, and peace

» Feel youthful, vibrant, energetic, and happy

Healthy Lifestyle  Coaching

» Feel your body in a new and safe way
» Learn to embody presence and grounding

» Breath work
» Dynamic practice to build fire and heat, as well as restorative and gentle movement for balanced energy

» Heal from pain or injury

» Adjust weight to feel energetic and healthy
» Improve flexibility, mobility, balance, and strength for enhanced physical functioning

» Build resiliency in your body and mind to engage in movement in new ways that you have always been capable of

» Overcoming body image issues, fears, or insecurities that are holding you back from being your best-self

Movement Coaching

» Develop consistent and mindful self-care and self-love practices

» Get to know yourself better - your heart, your mind, your desires

» Improve familial relationships and heal past wounds

» Connect and sharpen intuition and self-trust

» Cultivate buoyancy, self-esteem, lightness, and confidence

» Process and release fears, blocks, or insecurities that are keeping you closed-down to love

» Develop stable and harmonious relationships at work
» Establish clear and healthy social and professional boundaries

» Evolve your ability to open to love, trust, and blossom

» Find balance in giving and receiving

» Practice feminine and masculine energy so you possess balance within and can attract a balanced healthy partner

Love and Relationship Coaching

» Study and learn about non-religious spiritual connection
» Experience ThetaHealing® 

» Relax in Gong Sound Healing
» Journey through your past, present, and future

» Cultivate feelings of deep connectedness through nature, animals, meditation, mindfulness, and a variety of other modalities

» Develop intuitive skills and belief in your innate wisdom and truth

» Understand and realize your purpose and dharma

» Learn about karma and your karmic path

» Explore the Law of Attraction, mirror work, inner child work, and shadow work

» Open to receive from the Universe and build trust in life

» Improve your ability to be present, grounded, and calm in any situation

Spiritual Connection Coaching

Authentically live as the best version of yourself

without fear or unhealthy habits getting in the way!


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"I just completed my 90 day transformation with Alison and as a result I feel more confident, balanced, energized and connected.  As a creature of habit who can be extreme in her daily rituals, she challenged me to think outside the lines and gave me a healthy push in the right direction where I needed it.   

I came to Alison in the middle of a ten month struggle with stress and anxiety.  I also had ongoing issues with a close relationship and an allergy diagnosis that was causing flareups on my skin, which all led me to feel out of control, fearful and stuck.


Alison's protocol was simply life changing!  Within a short time, the fear I was experiencing transformed into curiosity and an opportunity for growth.  With Alison's help, I started incorporating back into my life the things that brought me joy; like yoga, meditation, and experimenting with new recipes to aid my allergy.  My stress and anxiety dissipated and my relationships became manageable. She guided me back to my true self with visualization exercises that highlighted honoring myself, my needs, and revealed how this is essential to overall well-being and happiness.  


I'm grateful for what I took away from our sessions. I wouldn't have gotten where I am now on my own had I not worked with Alison.  Her extensive background and expertise in yoga, meditation and spirituality is incorporated throughout her sessions in a very special way.  You can be sure to feel empowered after each week.  Join her program today -- your mind, body and soul will thank you!"


- Alicia P, Co-Owner at WundaBar Pilates - NYC


"Alison helped me change my lifestyle and therefore my health.  My life is crazy busy and its very hard for me to prioritze self-care and take good care of myself...especially in the context of my family.  Week by week, Alison gave me suggestions, supportively held me accountable, and helped me make adjustments along the way so I found solutions and changes that I was able to sustain.  She is talented at what she does and an effective and caring coach and I'm grateful for our ongoing work together, all the changes I've already made, and all that is to come.


Alison helps me feel like the sky is the limit for me making changes to be healthier, happier, and the best version of myself that I can be.  I highly recommend her!"

- Mandy Lowell, Entrepreneur and Mom  

Location - New York, NY

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