RoHun Healing Therapy
The Vibration of Healing

RoHun™ is a process of clearing, healing, and enlightenment and
a method for self-development, personal discovery, and spiritual evolution.

RoHun™ is a systematic and rapid acting therapy for personal growth and change.  It works through the healing power of love and understanding to release and replace negative energy with positive energy.  RoHun connects us with the vitality and perception of our Spirit, energizes our Higher Self and renews our minds.  


As an energy based method of healing, RoHun uses the electromagnetics fields surrounding the individual to work in a simultaneous, integrated manner with their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  The energy fields of the client and therapist are joined in creative interaction to bring about deep and insightful change and the accelerated evolution of consciousness.


RoHun deals with the negative emotional circumstances and events, the traumatic and seemingly unimportant happenings that have tainted our perception and negated our belief in self, those that have caused us to sabotage and isolate ourselves from the people and things we desire.  It releases blocked negative energies that are trapped in the body, in memories of past experiences, in current behaviors, in our thoughts and views about life, and in our self-concept.

Each step of the process requires your active enactment.  The therapist cannot do it for you, she can only give you the direction for making the changes you desire for more freedom, ease, and peace in your life.  The client works through each step with concentrated thought and emotional commitment.


RoHun means "the vibration of healing."

RoHun includes 4 major components and Universal truths:

Love - connection to unconditional divine and self love
Forgiveness - for spiritual understanding and release
Self-Knowledge - evolution into wholeness of being
Continuity of Consciousness - cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth


Benefits of RoHun

Peace of mind
More harmony in your life
More energy
Freedom from negative thoughts
Enhanced creativity
Greater self-confidence and self-trust
Freedom from guilt, shame, and resentment
Increased giving and receiving of love
Reduced tension and stress
Attract loving people into your life
Attract positive situations into your life
Increased compassion
Better understanding of yourself
Cleared false and detrimental thought patterns that attract negative situations
Heightened sensitivity to your own inner resources
Forgiveness and release of the past

RoHun Session Types

Rohun Cards.jpg

RoHun Cards Session


soul level healing for more aligned living




RoHun Cards contain the essence of RoHun and the cards synchronize with your energy, showing you a reflection of your personal circumstances.
The Cards offer a structured method to reach your inner self, see the shadows within, understand faulty thoughts patterns, and have personal realization.  From a meditative state, you will select the cards which reveal the issues and areas of life that need attention and healing.  The session uses the power of



visualization to see the issues, identify the negative emotions and beliefs and investigate the origin of the pattern.  We work synergistically together to heal through love and understanding.  A card session will help you uncover a major block that is stopping you from taking your next step so you can move forward with greater ease, confidence, and inner power.


Sessions are 75 minutes

RoHun Purification Healing


letting go of personal pain and conditioning to restore the soul's divine awareness





Rohun Purification Healing is an in-depth cleansing of the faulty thoughts, inner conflict, and painful emotional patterns that you have held for lifetimes and carried for your ancestors.  This is collaborative work between the therapist and client and is profound and transformational.  You will connect with your Higher Self, clear the negative energy in each chakra, feel a powerful understanding of who you are, and move into deeper love and forgiveness. 

The full purification process consists of four 2 - 2.5 hour sessions that need to happen on back to back days

or within 10 days and a commitment to the entire process is necessary.


"Working with Alison for Rohun Cards was truly an amazing and transformational experience. Using her creativity and intuitiveness, she skillfully facilitated my healing journey which allowed the work to be so deep and personal. I felt completely changed by our session in ways that will stick with me going forward. I highly recommend working with this skillful practitioner if you are sincerely interested in healing and moving to a new level of awareness and love in your life."  

- Bennett K, Administrator

***Trained in RoHun™ Therapy at The RoHun™ Institute, Delphi University.

RoHun™ was developed by Patricia Hayes, Founder, and Director of Delphi University, The Patricia Hayes School of Inner Sense Development and The RoHun™ Institute